Blowfish FacePlant

(short 6" FacePlants)
1 FacePlant = $31.27 Including Shipping
Mix & Match Any 3 FacePlants for $60.87 ($20.29 each)
Mix & Match Any 6 FacePlants for $107.82 ($17.97 each)

Blowfish Garden Statue Height = 5"
Width = 8"
Depth = 8"
Weight = 7 lbs
Finish = Granite (see available colours)
Features = 6" Planter Pot - Open Bottom

 Fish Garden Statue

 Blue Blowfish Garden Statue  Blowfish Garden Statue

This planter is designed to hold a 6" plastic potter cup -OR- you can simply put in the garden and fill with earth directly. There is no bottom on this potter to allow the roots of plants to grow through.

 Blowfish Tail Garden Statue  Brown Blowfish Garden Statue

As with all FacePlants the colouring process is completed by hand and as such each FacePlant is unique. No two FacePlants will look identical and there will be colour variations from one planter to the next.